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Discover The Value

Discover the Value of a Thorough Review of Your
Property Taxes

Since its inception in 2000, McDermott & Associates has worked with some of the regions largest Companies to ensure that both their real and personal Property Tax scenarios are equitable. Like all taxpayers, our clients want to be good corporate citizens and pay their fair share of taxes. And, like all taxpayers, they want to ensure an equitable tax situation and do not want to pay more than their fair share!

To discover the value we ask:

  • Do you know that in most cases Property Taxes are the largest real property expense following debt service?
  • How do your taxes compare with similar properties or companies in your area?
  • Do you want to improve your current and future cash flows?
  • Did you know that lower Property Taxes may yield an increased capitalized value of your property?
  • Did you know many companies’ fixed assets are one of the largest items on the balance sheet and are of the least interest of outside accountants and auditors?
  • Did you know that many companies mistakenly overpay personal Property Taxes by as much as 30 percent?
  • Do you know that many personal property audits also benefit the jurisdiction’s auditor who is paid on a percentage of what they find?
  • Do you want to improve your return on net assets and net worth?

If any of these questions intrigue you:
contact McDermott & Associates to see how we advocate for our clients and add value every day to our client’s Property tax scenarios.

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